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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Household things

On a different note, I read the post about frugal pantry cooking on the Life as Mom blog. She had a link to USDA's charts on what grocery bills should be. For a family of 6, thrifty method, we should spend about $639.65 per month, give or take. Wow, many months we don't even spend that, when I am really careful, plan ahead, shop the sales. The "liberal" plan was much higher, over $1000/month - I cannot even fathom spending that on groceries, unless we bought lots of snacks, gourmet, etc. Any thoughts? See for yourself http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/Publications/FoodPlans/2010/CostofFoodNov10.pdf

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Donna said...

Myra, I'm with you. Our 'not' frugal budget for 7 was 800.00. Our frugal budget was $500.00. I never could seem to get it below $125.00 per week for five teenagers, hubby, and I.

We seem stuck at that figure but it also includes cleaning supplies and pet food, and toiletries. I guess I would be shocked if I took all of those items and just added up the food. Great thought here. Some people don't know what frugal really is I think.

When you are counting out your slices of lunch meat to make them last the week..THEN..you've got the budget down to bare bones. Ha!

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