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Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

On the anniversary of this date, recalling the last 7 years...

2001 - watched on TV, saw the 2nd tower fall on the news while holding my oldest daughter (we were in Houston then)
2002 - pregnant for the first time, not knowing we would lose him prematurely in 5 days
2003 - sitting in a hospital, trying not to have Andrew prematurely, watching the broadcasts; he was born the next day 2 months early
2004 - pregnant with Philip
2005 - living in a new town with all of these babies & DH
2006 - just found out I was expecting and miscarried a few weeks later
2007 - pregnant with Hayley
today - watching a hurricane's status and reading the 9/11 recollections

My mother thinks hurricane Carla, which was 1961, passed through the same area (freeport area) on/about Sept 11. She can't remember the exact date.

September is not my favorite month, but we should not forget 9/11.


Brook said...

wait you saw the tower fall whili you were holding your daughter or the tower fell with your daughter in it?

Myra said...

No, we lived in Houston at the time. I was watching TV news holding her while she was drinking her bottle. Sorry for the confusion.

Annie Scarlett said...

I did a mental list today too of the past 7 Sept 11ths in my head. It made me cry. We're all glued to the tv too watching the hurricane. My family is in Lake Jackson so they all came to Austin to be with us while we wait to see what happened. Yes, Hurricane Carla did go right through Freeport/Lake Jackson on Sept. 11th. We were talking last night about how strange that is. My parents and grandparents were all there when that happened and had to evacuate then too.
Also, I'm sorry for your losses. I've been there too.

Lisa @ The Hem Line said...

My husband and I can remember so vividly the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Sitting having our morning coffee before he headed out to work, watching the TV and seeing all the madness. It is something neither of us will ever forget. I remember him leaving for work (about an hour late) and being really worried that more was to come. Wondering if the entire country was going to be under attack any moment. We need to remember that event and our events. What doesn't destroy us makes us stronger! You have such lovely babies, you are blessed!

Lisa @ The Hem Line said...


The Simplicity pattern you referred to will be $5.99 in my eBay store. I will list it this afternoon about 2pm (PST), so you can watch for it. Is the hurricane going to miss you?

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I don't watch TV or listen to the radio in the mornings so I went to work just la di da. I was wearing a new outfit. I got to work and heard the security guards talking about something and it sounded dire, but I kind of didn't want to know. Then I got upstairs and saw the first tower fall. I sat at my desk crying for a couple of hours and then they sent us home. It was an awful day.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Myra .- I'm watching the news on TV. on the storms. I hope that everything runs normally for you and your family. My best wishes. Paco

Estoy viendo las noticias en la TV. sobre el temporal allí. Espero que todo transcurra con normalidad para usted y su familia. Mis mejores deseos, Paco.