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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Threads Magazine

I got it today with the outer cover proclaiming it's my last issue. I am on the fence about renewing it - it's $33 for 6 issues, a lot of repetitive topics if you have received them for a few years. I have trimmed all magazines out, finishing out their terms. Burda WOF lost me early last year, too much trouble to trace. Sew News is now so "crafty", like McCalls Crafty line. I considered Sew Beautiful, the Martha Pullin magazine, but on the fence about it. I would rather buy a single issue at Hastings if I like the projects. I even cut out Vogue Patterns - I can see from the website and blogs the ideas that are current. I cut the quilting mags a year ago. It's just too much to keep up with! What are your thoughts on all these magazines?

And as a side note - I also let PR subscription go - I did not see the benefit of paying for it when I can research current patterns easily for free via blogs.


KID, MD said...

I haven't been a Threads subscriber long enough to be tired of it, but after only 2 years burda has lost me, I think. My renewal isn't until June, but I'm already thinking I won't renew, especially with all of the changes.

Maryissewfast said...

I'm alot like you...on the fence with magazine subscriptions. I check out Threads, Vogue Patterns and Sew News from the library, as well as the quilting, crochet and knitting magazines. If I really must have them after that I purchase that copy. I also get many magazines at the Book Nook, our library's outlet store, as they just give those away free. I am so disgusted with the way Burda is going that I plan to let that go as well. I just picked up Vogue's September issue for reading on the plane, but usually it's the library copy that I peruse! The only fashion magazine that I subscribe to now is Marie Claire, which I got 2 years through Amazon for $5.00. Can't beat that!

Debbie Cook said...

Threads has bored me the last year or so, so I let my sub lapse and I haven't regretted it. I'm even thinking of tossing my old issues into the recycle bin because truthfully, I've never much looked at them again so what's the point of keeping them. I liked Burda (before the recent changes) but don't really have a need for most of those styles so I haven't subbed to that for a couple of years now. I enjoy reading blogs more than the magazines these days, and they take up a lot less space and money. ;-)

Little Hunting Creek said...

I let my Burda subscriptiojn run out - and I haven't missed it much. I get Threads ajd enjoy it, but I stopped getting egverything else. It was just too much. I enjoy seeing what my fellow sewistas have made just as much

Lisa S said...

It's cheaper to just get the digital copies at the end of the year. And it saves on space!

Gigi said...

I did not renew Burda this year. There are only a few patterns that start in my size and the subscription rate increased to $90/year. I'm actually kind of sad about it because I grew up with Burda. I also let Threads lapse because mine always arrived torn. I do still pick-up a copy at JoAnn's to keep my collection complete.

The only sewing-related magazine I'm still receiving is Vogue Patterns. There's usually an interesting article in every issue and I love drooling over the new patterns.

I do buy Knip-Mode a few times a year. Most of the patterns start in my size and I usually find quite a few that I like in each issue. They cost me about $20 with shipping but I'd rather buy three magazines that I'll actually use than spend almost $100 on a bunch that I won't.