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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simplicity 2473 - Post #4

No photo on the dress, but it is getting closer. I still have hems to do and zipper to insert, I am currently handstitching the inside midriff facing down to the seam allowance. Some things to note:
1. Sophia Double Knit from Fabric.com is wonderful. Even handstitching a knit is going easy so I plan on hand stitching the hem/sleeve hem.
2. I had added to center front on the skirt but had to redo the stitching attaching the skirt to the midriff in that section to "ease" in the difference.
3. I gave up on the neck facing and steam a seamed it down inside along the seam allowance and the shoulder seam areas.
4. I opted for 16" zipper stopping at the lower edge of the midriff. I had basted in a 22" for fit, it was too bulky along the curve of my backside and stuck out. Now that I remember, I rarely had RTW dresses with that long of a zipper as I usually bought petite dresses.
I plan on getting the midriff finished, zipper in tonight and hems tomorrow. Summerset shared her info from her blog, since I wasn't sure of the width to cut, how to use fusible interfacing to stabilize it before hemming. Hopefully I will have a finished photo tomorrow. This dress pattern is awesome with the princess seams. The fit is so much better than my experience using darts. Using the rayon double knit makes it even better.


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