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I am a Homemaker and Freight Broker (with my husband) who has a love of needle crafts, sewing, crochet, cross-stitch. I learned to sew in 2007, really love using vintage patterns (1940's, 50's, 60's) & and seeing how I can modernize them with fabric choices and trims). I need 25 hours in a day to get to everything I want to do!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Dress Mission

Now that the pink plisse dress is done and there are some more in other combinations to come, but not now. Easter is a week away and I need to finish my Fuji dress and something for the oldest daughter. The baby has a variety of hand-me-downs from the oldest to choose from that are in excellent shape, so no worry there. The boys already have their clothes, but I need to finish mine and C's. C's will be a cotton dress of violet bouquets on a watercolor background with a hint of iridescence. It is a 1948-ish pattern from Simplicity, cap sleeve with a circle skirt and will have a lining on the skirt and is underlined on the bodice, using the same technique learned from Summerset on her skirt. I do want the skirt lining separate, not underlined, to act as a petticoat. I hope it will look good. I was going to line the skirt on mine, but have decided not to as I have lost enough weight to use one of my slips now. I couldn't wear them before as they were too tight and couldn't find what I wanted in the stores. Slips are non-existent now and I don't have stash on hand to make one. On the First Communion front, my mom is making her dress. I originally wanted to make it, but she had found one she liked, when she went back to get it, it was gone and we are unable to find another one we liked, so she is making it. If I make it, she will probably find fault with something, so it is easier to let her make it. She is slow, though about getting to things, so I will have to keep on her. Last Easter, I got the dress she made C on Holy Saturday and she had the fabric for two months. She never got to the baby's, so she bought her something. That's the only thing about letting her do it...

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Lory said...

That is such a pretty pattern, the dress will look so beautiful. :):) You have quite a bit of sewing ahead of you, I'm excited to see your results. They'll be awesome for sure. :)