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I am a Homemaker and Freight Broker (with my husband) who has a love of needle crafts, sewing, crochet, cross-stitch. I learned to sew in 2007, really love using vintage patterns (1940's, 50's, 60's) & and seeing how I can modernize them with fabric choices and trims). I need 25 hours in a day to get to everything I want to do!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just when I thought we were in the clear...

Now, Mike had a stomach bug today. He looked terrible and felt bad, so he has been on the couch most of the day. I worked on another NL jumper for the baby, in a pink/green patchwork printed cotton. She needs it for church this Sunday. We are sitting up front as the first communicants are sitting up front this weekend as it is first reconciliation that day. So, they will all be dressed nicer than usual. I am also thinking ahead about a dress for me, which I have no idea if it will come to fruition before Sunday. I am also keeping on the radar Easter dresses and the oldest's first communion dress. I have a lot to work on and trying to finish UFO's or reuse them as something else (baby rompers, etc., if it's cotton) if I have no hope of finishing them.

I have to go & do baths now before two of them start a war.


That Crazy Ajumma said...

Well,no one can ever say you have idle hands...lol.
Sorry to hear another one is sick.
We have had no stomach bugs here thank goodness, but I woke Sunday morning with a full on head cold.
Fingers crossed that the kids wont catch it.The hubby rarely catches anything.

Bek said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. Good luck with all your sewing!