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I am a Homemaker and Freight Broker (with my husband) who has a love of needle crafts, sewing, crochet, cross-stitch. I learned to sew in 2007, really love using vintage patterns (1940's, 50's, 60's) & and seeing how I can modernize them with fabric choices and trims). I need 25 hours in a day to get to everything I want to do!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dumb mistakes...

I have mentioned I had not been feeling great lately, so not much sewing. I did get motivated to make a baby present for an old friend's daughter in Houston, two appliqued onesies, diaper cover and a couple of other items. Now, I have made this diaper cover before at Christmas, so cocky me thought, I don't need the instructions. Damned if I didn't sew the crotch up at the wrong time. And can't find a seam ripper to save my life! Where have they all gone? The black hole that is my sewing space ate them all up. Or my kids did... Well, no one is complaining of stomach pains, so I guess it's not one of them! So I have to use a straight pin to rip those straight stitches out. The seam finish is not perfect, either, but I am not planning on ripping those out. I want to finish them tonight so I can mail it asap.

I read Carolyn's post about stash, I am sure many of you did. I have a stash, quite abundant for someone only sewing 2 years. I am trying to use some things up as I can, but not motivated to sew for myself right now. Maybe soon...

BTW, we don't get AMC, so we are getting the first disc from Netflix of Mad Men. I have seen raves of the fashions and the show, so let's see what it's all about!

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