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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Round 3 of sick kids

Now, my 2nd oldest, who was sick last Monday with upper respiratory infection, finished his antibiotics, etc., has a fever of 102.8 tonight. He is mad he won't be going to school tomorrow as best as I can tell. Who knows what it is? His being CP and so thin, he sometimes gets sick easy, plus, like with the UR inf., he can't cough up like the rest of us, so I am hoping it is not pneumonia. He has never really had it, but I noticed he still sounded a little wheezy and was not alert this afternoon. I have motrin'd him and bathed him to bring the fever down. I don't h ave my car to take him into Victoria tomorrow, so we may be at the local doctor tomorrow, walking with his wheelchair as it is only 2 blocks away.

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