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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home Stretch...

I didn't post yesterday as I was busy! Baby's dress is finished with the exception of a bow in the back. Oldest's lacks the finishing of the zipper and that area of lining hand tacked down plus a bow or other suitable ornamentation in back. Do not use the McCall 5742, the bodice looks nothing like the photo in the length, it comes up higher than the photo. As I mentioned before, the bodice is actually a sqaure yoke, weird sleeve caps and a lower bodice. I blended the yoke and bodice into one and only eliminated seam allowances. Overlaying the original and my copies they are the same length and shape as finished. They musta lengthened it for the model, but my oldest usually fit well in an 8. The back length is approximate to the stated number on the envelope, so it's not that it's too short. Just misrepresented in the photo. The taffeta really makes the skirt stand out, too, so be ready for that. Oh well, she loves it and said it's a princess dress. That makes it worth it all. She is not here now, Dad took two of them for some errands, so I will photo them this afternoon. May not post them until later. BTW, I am not posting faces on them anymore, I just think with all the strange people out there, I should be more careful, no face shots.

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Lory said...

Hi Myra:

I hope you have a great holiday. I'm looking forward to seeing the dresses, in the photos so far they look adorable.

Yeah, I guess there's some weirdos out there...have you had a bad experience? I'm wondering whether or not I should post any photos of my gummi anymore.

Anywho, have a wonderful holiday.