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I am a Homemaker and Freight Broker (with my husband) who has a love of needle crafts, sewing, crochet, cross-stitch. I learned to sew in 2007, really love using vintage patterns (1940's, 50's, 60's) & and seeing how I can modernize them with fabric choices and trims). I need 25 hours in a day to get to everything I want to do!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day and dress photos

Well, presents are opened, kids are playing, baby is napping. What a day. As promised, photos of the dresses:

I hope you all are having a great day, now time for birthday cake in a bit when my parents come by.


Lory said...

Love the dresses! They look very adorable in them, you ought to be proud. :):):)


BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

ahhh ... Myra .- girls are beautiful. Happy birthday and see you soon.


Myra.- las niñas están preciosas. Feliz cumpleaños y hasta pronto.


*Sally* said...

They are gorgeous!
Happy belated birthday too :D

That Crazy Ajumma said...

Aww,they look great!You did a wonderful job on them.I think I would have became frustrated(as I do so easily) and threw it out the window because I'm not much of a clothing sewing person.
Happy Belated Birthday!!!

edward and lilly said...

The dresses look really lovely, well done!