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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not necessarily about sewing today

but I have been working on a baby blankie for a baby present for this weekend. I know of 6 babies needing presents, 2 of which are already (recently) born. Time to get cracking!

No, what I am blogging about today is my daughter in 2nd grade. She said they held "elections" (just like we did in 3rd grade for Ford vs Carter, gosh, I am old!) and she voted for Obama. Now some of you reading may be Obama supporters and I am not trying to offend anyone, please bear with me. We do not support him due to our religious beliefs (pro-life) and for other reasons. Do we love McCain? Maybe not 100%, but he is pro-life and more conservative, but he is not who we had wished to be on the ticket originally. This is a very conservative small town, too, in a ranching and farming area. But, in questioning her, she could only remember Obama's name (probably because it is unique). She said her teacher had not endorsed him, so that is good, because the teacher should not endorse anyone. Your voting inclination is your choice and yours only. Is this is just a product of public schools, no matter where you are? Or just a kid not knowing any of the facts and just picking a name, kind of like when you don't know the multiple choice answer and pick C or the longest answer? Any views? I promise not to be upset.

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Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I think alot of children have
'voted" for Obama. We hear his name more than McCain and it is also different. Very easy to remember...

Many households are divided this election. Republicans are voting for Democrats because they don't like the way McCain has handled himself. I think because of this, many parents aren't discussing politics around the kids.

I wouldn't have chosen either to be on the ballot. Unfortunately, many people are voting for the lesser of two evils because they don't want either elected. I'm sure many aren't voting at all because of the choices available.

I for one have chosen to vote early. Now I wait to see the outcome.