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I am a Homemaker and Freight Broker (with my husband) who has a love of needle crafts, sewing, crochet, cross-stitch. I learned to sew in 2007, really love using vintage patterns (1940's, 50's, 60's) & and seeing how I can modernize them with fabric choices and trims). I need 25 hours in a day to get to everything I want to do!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New look

I updated the template, well, because I was bored with the dots. Also, all of the white was bothering my eyes. Today was not a real sewing day, we were gone "fundraising" for the church auction, so I need to get busy tomorrow. Check out Fabric.com's clearance for a sale, if you didn't get an email. They had quite a bit in there. I have a multitude of items to finish (and start), so I am going to do as much as I can on the machine tomorrow & have handwork for the weekend with the kids home from school. I have quilt spokes for the DP blocks and other vintage blocks I was previewing what to do with on the coffee table, so I need to get those moved tomorrow. My new cutting table has a train set, or a raw, to be landscaped and finished for the auction. My husband made an HO gauge for the kiddos for Christmas and it was cool, so he has the board on the table so he can work on it in air conditioning (last winter was out in the garage). Here are some of the photos from the HO we made (our first attempt) including the lake/creek and the mountain.

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